Game Review: POU

Dodo HackPou is one of the most amusing game in android. This is a game that has an easy and simple category where the player could increase their level by playing Pou’s game to unlock some stuff. This game is developed by ZAKEH and has been downloaded 10 million times in play store. Pou had a triangle shape with two big eyes. You must be caring Pou like you’re caring your children. You must feed up, clean up, entertain, and make Pou sleep to make it grow bigger. It’s like a simulation game of raising a child.

The Lessons Of Life In POU

There are many lessons to learn this game. The first thing you can obviously learn is you must take care yourself well to be happy. In Pou, you must take care you so that it wouldn’t die. If pot feels hungry, you had to give it food. If it sick, you need to buy some medicine in shops to make your you healthy again. When you get bored you must entertain with the ball or playing game. And if it tired after playing you’ve to let pou rest. Turn off the light and leave the game for a while. After you woke up you can wash it up so that it keeps cleans. The circumstances are the same as the real life. You need to fulfill your hunger, thirst, energy, even entertain yourself. This game told us that for being happy there is a simple way, just fulfill our daily needs and we must be happy. You need to be grateful for the things you got each day.

Besides the lessons in the game, Pou also had many games you can play with. The various games are served to make you satisfied and not get bored with Pou. The simplest but addictive games were very good. You must play the game to earn coins. But if you think it’s too burdensome, you get the game hack to earn unlimited coins.

Scoot Customer Review

scootIf you read a customer review about scoot, you will read their experience using scoot as the airlines for flight. From the review, you can see if people who want to go abroad with low budget mostly choose this airline. Usually, they go when the holiday comes. The customer review who has tried to flight with this airline bring their friend or their family so everyone can enjoy feeling flying with this airline. From Singapore, they can go to many countries near the Singapore because Singapore is in the center of flight.

What do You get After Read The Scoot Customer Review?

From scoot customer review, you can see the rating of each airline that flight from Singapore to the other country. You may find that this airline is the top rating of airlines with a low budget prepared to book the flight. Compare to the other airlines, this country also gives a big discount, sometimes, for special occasions such as when the Christmas or New Year’s holiday. This airline also offers a big promotion to flight in the weekdays. So, everyone can enjoy trying to flight abroad with this airline. Except the rating, there is also the score for every plane, which operated around Singapore. This customer opinion can help you if you still confused to choose the airline you will travel with. From the customer review, you can find much destination that the customer has already visited. By this, you will not confuse where you should go after arriving in your destination country.

Moreover, it is a great deal to flight with this airline. You can have flight package where you are not only enjoying to sit on the passenger seat but also you will enjoy eating and resting in this plane. From the customer review, you know the scoot flight class you want to take. Whether it is business class or economy class, both has advantages and disadvantage.