Choosing Inexpensive Lucky Stone For Capricorn Woman

capricorn birthstoneThere are various ways you can do to get a diamond with a cheaper price, but even if it’s cheap you should still make the quality of the diamond excellent, which is about 4C. In this case, you can choose lucky stone for Capricorn woman. The design is elegant and beautiful. It has various colors and uses. You can buy it for your darling or you can buy for the engagement. Here are some tricks to buy diamonds at the cheap price.

Tips To Buy Stone For Capricorn Woman Diamond

In choosing diamond stone for Capricorn woman, you should diamond with SI1 clarity. Choose a diamond with SI1 Clarity. Clarity diamond has a grade level or color. The first grades are the F that stands for flawless and IF that stands for Internally flawless which is actually the best grade. The second grades are VVS1-VVS2 which stands for Very Slightly Included and VS1-VS2 that stands for Very Slightly Included. Grade three is SI1-SI2-SI3 (Slightly Included and I1-I2-I3 (Included), the fewer inclusions diamond lucky stone for Capricorn woman will make the price higher. If you want to buy a diamond at a low price, it is suggested to choose a diamond with SI1 clarity, because the diamond inclusion will not be visible with our ordinary eyes.

When you are choosing a diamond, the color becomes one of the things that need your attention. Their many colors that are available in the Capricorn diamond but to get the diamonds at the cheap prices, you may choose a slightly yellowish diamond. It is because the price of a colorless diamond is more expensive. To minimize the budget and get the lucky stone for Capricorn woman diamonds with the inexpensive price you can choose diamonds less than 1 karat, which is between 0.89 to 0.99 karats. If you choose a diamond with 1:01, it has an expensive price. However, some people can easily detect which diamonds 0.97 karats and 1:01 karat.

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